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Ever want to collaborate on the same project with your development team at the same time? Check out Microsoft’s extension for VSCode called Live Share!

You can now work on the same files together at the same time, share terminal access and even run and share applications securely.

Have you tried using it yet?

A really useful plugin for hiding away all of the metadata XML files whilst you’re developing in Sublime 3 is ToggleExclude. Check out the package listing over on to see how it can really help with helping you focus on the files which matter when developing.

Below is my configuration file for hiding away Apex class, Trigger, Visualforce Page, Visualforce Component and Lightning Component metadata files.

   "conditional_file_exclude_patterns": [
   "enabled": true

If you’re creating lots of Visualforce then this tool if for you! Emmet is an amazing tool for creating HTML quicker. It’s like autocomplete, but better!

Code commenting is a must but it can be a chore to create class and method comment blocks. Use DocBlokr to make your coding life easier.

Really useful Sublime plugin to access Salesforce reference material faster!

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