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May 2017

A fantastic new feature in Summer ’17 release of Salesforce now allows you to define which unit tests can safely be run in parallel!

If you’ve disabled running parallel unit testing in your Salesforce org because of issues with concurrency (i.e. UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW exception) then this update is for you! You can still keep running of unit tests in parallel disabled, but you can now optionally indicate which unit tests can be run in parallel.

To do this, modify the annotation on your unit tests to include the following new parameter.


This should drastically speed up running of your unit tests in your Salesforce org! Find more on this in the Salesforce documentation:

Sharing JavaScript code across Lightning Components

The problem

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating when developing Lightning Components because you want to follow the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself) because the framework does not yet offer a suitable way of accessing a shared library of code. There is a solution available in the open source version, but it’s not yet available on the platform.

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