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Today I came across another article over at Foxy Solutions which gives a great overview of how to implement Enterprise Design Patterns using FFLIB in Salesforce. It’s a 5 minute read where you can pick up some good tips, links to related material, and some good best practices to follow as well.

My experience with passing the Heroku Architect designer exam

In this post I’m sharing my experience with passing the Heroku Architect designer exam and providing some useful material to use for studying.

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Today I’m proud to share I’ve passed the Heroku Architect designer exam! Definitely a challenging exam, but the Heroku team have done an amazing job in putting together an amazing DevCenter. In addition I highly recommend checking out Trailhead and 12 Factor Apps for details on what the exam entails if you’re interested in passing this exam.

Ever want to collaborate on the same project with your development team at the same time? Check out Microsoft’s extension for VSCode called Live Share!

You can now work on the same files together at the same time, share terminal access and even run and share applications securely.

Have you tried using it yet?

Using JavaScript Promises within Lightning Components

In my previous blog post I promised (pun intended) to walk you through how to implement JavaScript Promises within Lightning Components and discuss how they can help simplify managing asynchronous callbacks.

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A few days ago I had some free time and decided to make something fun using Lightning Components and now finally you can play Minesweeper on Salesforce!

Best played on a desktop browser as you’ll need to right click!

Have fun playing!

Lightning Component Methods

In todays post, I will be walking you through Lightning Component Methods (a.k.a. Aura Methods) and how they can benefit your applications by simplifying the development process and maximising code reuse.

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Yesterday I passed the Service Cloud exam! I have to admit this was a bit of a challenging exam to pass to say the least!

Some useful links to help pass the exam:

If you’re interested in what topics are in the exam or if you’ve got general questions let me know in the comments.

Sent off to get back Salesforce certification ranking from the Artisan Hub and here are my results! Ranked 6th within The Netherlands isn’t that bad if might say so!

artisan ranking

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