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My experience with passing the Heroku Architect designer exam

In this post I’m sharing my experience with passing the Heroku Architect designer exam and providing some useful material to use for studying.

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Today I’m proud to share I’ve passed the Heroku Architect designer exam! Definitely a challenging exam, but the Heroku team have done an amazing job in putting together an amazing DevCenter. In addition I highly recommend checking out Trailhead and 12 Factor Apps for details on what the exam entails if you’re interested in passing this exam.

Yesterday I passed the Service Cloud exam! I have to admit this was a bit of a challenging exam to pass to say the least!

Some useful links to help pass the exam:

If you’re interested in what topics are in the exam or if you’ve got general questions let me know in the comments.

Just passed the Community Cloud Consultant exam!


What I liked about this exam is that it forces you to look into functionality not commonly used within communities, such as topics or reputation and even moderation. It’s a valuable certificate to attain for opening your eyes to other areas of the platform you may not be so familiar with!

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